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I plan to blog a bit more in depth on this later, but this is a good quick reference.

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My75: #1
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Paddles contact.
Miramar, CA
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The Moth Whisperer
Anaheim, CA
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Upper Yosemite Falls
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La Jolla Cove
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Children’s Pool, La Jolla
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While I don’t really believe in the idea that you need a new year as an excuse to achieve something, I think it is important to look back on your milestones and accomplishments. Even if you don’t feel like a better person, maybe you can find some satisfaction in time not wasted, or else reflect on areas of your life that need improvement. Because if you are not moving forward, what’s the point?

In 2012 I:
Returned from deployment.
Bought a car.
Upgraded to CT2P.
Sold my Xbox and finally quit console gaming forever.
Went on vacation.
Photographed two weddings.
Became a homeowner. (Kind of a big deal.)
Got my own desk at work. (Kind of a big deal.)
Stopped climbing. (Kind of.)
Stopped surfing and sold my boards.
Bought fins and started bodysurfing.
Bought new guitar and started playing for church services again.
Wrote a song.
Lost 10 pounds.
Flew over Grand Canyon.
Flew over Holiday Bowl.
Took a photo every day of the year.
Became an uncle.

In 2013 I want to:
Upgrade to Aircraft Commander.
Read more books.
Get more sleep.
Spend less time on electronic devices. (Excluding e-books.)
Read Bible in its entirety.
Apply to grad school.
Ride bike to work at least once. (Carlsbad to Coronado.)

Project [366/366]
So long 2012!
I can’t believe I actually followed through with a resolution in 2012 and took a picture every single day of the year. It has been hard to discipline myself to actually take pictures everyday, and even harder to actually post all the pictures I took. And I know I got lazy and took a lot of iphone photos towards the end of the year.
As far as my photography goes, I’ve grown tremendously in the year.  Heather and I have done several paid photoshoots, two weddings, and various other shoots for family and friends. With each experience our skill and technique improve as we discover what works, what doesn’t, and we discover our personal styles, preferences, and vision. We are going to continue taking jobs as they come, but with another deployment in the works this year we are not going to aggressively pursue it. I hope you have enjoyed my 366 Project and I look forward to a fresh start and new directions in the year to come.
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